I remember my first introduction to paranormal radio. It was the late 90′s, and a friend told me about this late night talk show on the radio that dealt with “crazy shit”. Hmm.. crazy shit, tell me more.

At the time we saw ourselves as seekers, pseudo philosophers, and pot smoking creatives, and we enjoyed anything and everything related to the unknown. And it was this common interest in the weird that glued us to our radios every night. That show of course was Coast to Coast AM, and it was AMAZE-BALLS!

Every night  ”from some where out there”, The legendary Art Bell would take us on an adventure away from our mundane lives into the fringe and beyond. From conspiracies, to UFOs, and many other accounts of the strange, Art Bell created a platform that connected  dismissed people and their fantastic accounts with an audience eager to eat up every crazy word.

From the get go I was totally hooked. I felt like I was on the inside, getting the “truth” about what was really going on in the world, well at least something closer to the truth than what the mainstream was serving up, and we made it part of our spiritual practice to tune in nightly for what we felt was the best source of  information and entertainment available.

However if you have been a long time listener you may have noticed something missing from the show as of late. Art Bell of course has retired, but even more than just the loss of our teacher and guide, the show has lost its heart.

If you have ever seen “Wayne’s World” you may remember the scene where Wayne and Garth are moved out of the basement and into the studio which begins the downward spiral of soulless production and corporate sponsorship that forces Wayne to abandon his own show. It feels a little something like that.

I have since cancelled my subscription to the website and have moved on. I tried to fill the Art Bell shaped hole in my heart with other paranormal talk shows, but nothing had come close to the pure listening pleasure I experienced in those earlier years.

However  Hope was not lost. While browsing podcasts on iTunes, a misclick would renew my passion for paranormal radio reminiscent of when when I had first found coast to coast. “The Unexplained with Howard Hughes”. Wait, the millionaire pilot  that kept his piss in jars?

Actually Howard Hughes is a  broadcaster and journalist popular in the UK. He has interviewed celebrities and news makers including Tony Blair, David Bowie, Prince Albert of Monaco, Lionel Richie, Paul McCartney, The Pet Shop Boys and Liverpool’s own Atomic Kitten! He has taken it upon himself to follow his passion and do his own podcast about topics on the fringe.

Howard brings to his show not only great guests and interesting topics, but a genuine love for what he’s doing. Spending his own money to make the shows, he offers his show for free on his site without commercials. He is sincere and brings a level of integrity and professionalism that make his show truly stand above the rest.

That is what this blog will be about! I will be reviewing shows and following the direction of this amazing podcast as it grows and finds new listeners. This blog will be my commentary on guests, the formatting of the show, and on the man himself, Mr. Howard Hughes. It is my hope that this blog will  help Howard by getting the word out of this return to truly great paranormal radio.

In order to stay timely, I will start reviews of his newest shows, but will also return to the archive to review past shows between newer shows. Enjoy, and Please feel free to give me any feedback.


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