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Wynn Free


“The Unexplained podcast” episode 93, with guest Wynn Free. Wynn Free is an author, song writer, and new age guru. His work deals primarily with  documenting and spreading the messages of the Elohim, which Wynn describes as a group soul made up of billions of individual yet intimately connected spirit energies responsible for the creation of the physical universe.

His first contact with the Elohim occurred in 2002 when during an impromptu prayer session the Elohim began to speak to him through his  girlfriend…. uh, I mean “personal relationship.” They explained to Wynn that the physical universe was created out of a desire for persistence, something that could not exist in their spirit energy plain. However through some clever experimentation they discovered that they were able to combine energy in such a way that it created lasting points in time and space, resulting in galaxies, planets, and eventually the human race.


I am familiar with the biblical idea of the Elohim, that being the GOD of Israel in the singular, and angels and demons in the plural. However Wynn considers that as a misrepresentation of this collection of spirits who are really just higher beings not interested in being worshiped or handing out punishments, but instead simply want to help humanity through this turbulent time of transition.

Here is a picture I found online (not on Wynn’s site) said to be members of “The council of the Elohim”, who Funny enough, might also be the the council of Elrond.

The Council of the Elohim

The council of Elrond

I have to be honest, I felt conflicted while listening to this episode. I found myself liking a lot of what he had to say on the power of group energy, opening yourself up to allow for synchronicity to work in your life, and the idea that lives can be changed through encounters with something greater than ones self, but it also had “NEW AGE” baggage that kind of turned me off. Primarily the fact that he receives this information through channeling.

For those not familiar here is a video on channeling.

I myself have had some experience with channelers. Growing up my mother dabbled a bit in the new age scene and she had made friends with a couple of self proclaimed channelers. Even at 11 I felt the whole practice was highly suspect. I felt that it was so over the top that they had to be full of it. So when I hear “channeling”, regardless of their sincerity or validity of the message, I instantly think about the corny theatrics I witnessed as a kid.

When I think of channeling I also think of this woman:

Blossom Goodchild

Blossom Goodchild is a channeler who became infamous in the world of channeling and UFO’s when her prediction of a mass UFO sighting that was supposed take place on October,14 2008 did not manifest. Her source? Messages she received through channeling from “The Federation of Light.” For all her good intentions and her belief in the love and honesty of the beings she was “speaking” with, her failed prediction made her look foolish, as well as put her life in danger when people who had put so much hope, and money, into her channeled messages sought to make her pay for her deception.

Here’s Goodchild’s apology video. I personally felt bad for the poor woman. She truly looks crushed and shaken by the whole ordeal.

It goes to show that sincerity and the feeling of a positive experience doesn’t equal truth. Which was the criteria Wynn outlined as a way to test if the spirits being channeled are good or bad. Goodchild continually expressed the intense joy and love she felt when she channeled these beings, and they hung her out dry.

That’s not even to say that I don’t believe in channeling of sorts, I think human beings are able to reach beyond this world some how in order to bring back information from some where out there, but I am always extremely skeptical and really have to work pass my own bias in order to even entertain the ideas of  people who channel.


Overall I felt that Wynn was just a guy who had some interesting experiences and is just trying to do what he feels is right, while also trying to carve out some sort of life for himself, something I think most of us are trying to do. Wynn didn’t come off as a charlatan trying to make a quick buck off a naive public, and though he was selling products on his site, he also offered free services including his book on the Elohim, which you can download here:

Howard I felt did a good job  by showing interest in the subject, as well as entertaining the thought that Wynn’s story could be true, while still asking some questions from a skeptics point of view. The interview was unfocused at times, but I think that it was mostly due to the fact that there was a ton of information that had to be covered as well as fitting in the back story of how Wynn got to the place he is with his interactions with these beings.

Despite being skeptical of Wynn’s methods, I thought he was a very interesting and thought provoking guest, and despite his fantastic claims seemed lucid and down to earth.Like I mentioned there was  a lot of information that was missed because the show was just not long enough to allow for it all. I hope Howard brings Wynn back for another show so he can go deeper into his experiences. I give this episode a solid 7/10. It was entertaining, there was good energy between the host and guest, and it came with some positive messages.

So pop on over to Howard’s site and check out the show! and for those interested in Edgar Cayce, the show also touched on a possible surprise connection between Cayce and the controversial David Wilcock.  REMEMBER! Howard produces the show out of pocket and through donations, so if you have the means PLEASE visit his site, check it out, and help provide Howard with the means to bring us more great shows!

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