The real Star Wars taking place right over our heads!

Undated photo of Richard Lennie

“Space Wars”, the title of the show airing Oct. 21st 2012 featured little known guest Richard Lennie, a ufologist from England who hunts UFOs using night vision goggles. Lennie, the grandson of Robert William Ditchburn, a physicist who wrote several books on the subject of light and who, according to Lennie, helped Rutherford split the atom, seems to have inherited his grandfathers interest in the universe. And after a close encounter in 1980, Lennie’s  interest in the idea of life on other planets was cemented and he set about searching the night sky for UFOs.

According to Lennie just outside our visual spectrum exist countless  non terrestrial craft swooping, diving, and even dog fighting, all of which can be seen with the help of some night vision goggles and a  little patience. Lennie got the idea to start looking for UFOs through night vision goggles after coming across the work of  Ed Grimsley, a man who has made it his duty to get the word out on the space battles taking place a mere 50 miles above our heads, and who also, coincidentally, sells night vision goggles on his site

Lennie seems sincere and I can understand the thrill he must get from doing what he is doing. However the show was a bit slower than usual. Howard does his best to ask probing questions and add a bit of skepticism to keep Lennie honest, but what it  comes down to is a guy talking about unusual lights seen through goggles for an hour with some fun albeit familiar stories along the way.

For the most part I enjoyed the show, though with a title like “space wars” I was expecting Lennie to offer up a little more substantial information about said war. For starters,who was fighting, why they are they fighting, and what evidence besides some dodgy lights in the sky brings him to the conclusion that there is a “war” going on in space. Like most accounts in Ufology  I think,” hmm.. that’s kind of interesting” but it doesn’t really go anywhere. No landings, no abductions,  no concrete contact or evidence. Just some unusual sightings and a little imagination.

Also I cant help but feel that Lennie and others who use this equipment are maybe misinterpreting what they are seeing, (follow the link for a more down to earth explanation.)

Don’t get me wrong, if I ever come across night vision equipment the first thing I’m going to do is look for UFOs, but I would still have to question what was real and what was merely a product of the equipment.

As a topic for an entire show, I don’t think he should have gotten the full hour. He would have been a good lead into another guest. perhaps someone with a little more to talk about. Maybe someone with inside knowledge on this supposed “space war”.

I have to say though that I appreciate that Howard isn’t afraid to interview people who aren’t big names. I think he should still continue to go out on a limb with his guests because, though this episode fell a bit flat for me, there are no doubt a lot of no name people out there with incredible information to share, and I give Howard credit for allowing a more inclusive platform.

I give this show a solid 5/10. It wasn’t amazing,but It’s still definitely worth checking out especially if you are a UFO buff or are into UFO hunting, or just like a good camp fire story. So pop in check out Howard’s site at If you can afford it please please please help Howard out by making a donation. Please like us on Facebook, and be sure to answer the poll at the bottom of the page!

you can listen to the full show here:

you can also hear more about what Lennie has to say and see some footage in this YouTube clip: 


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